paul und collegen


Expertise for film and media

paul und collegen have been working with the film and media industries, their players and political decision-makers for more than 18 years. We support them in designing operational after change processes, create transparency and solid foundations for decision making through studies, and develop options for policy-makers.

The film and media landscape is undergoing a major transformation process, due to increasing internationalization and widespread digitization. Strategies and business models are only partially effective in a changed environment. Organizational structures and working methods need to be adapted: hardly any area in the value chain of the film and media industries remains untouched. Yesterday's recipes simply do not work anymore or are doomed to fail.

It is important to organize change in time. To modernize corporate culture and business models and preserve creative potential. Here we can help with our experience and our approach.

The main focus of our consulting projects and studies in the film and media industries over the past 18 years has been economic. Only a solid economic foundation achieved through sustainable business models and effective and efficient funding models enables excellent, independent and creative work. In order to do justice to the film and media businesses and the culture of the companies shaping them, one has to take that into account.

  • Film is a work of art and an essential part of historical memory
  • Media shapes society and therefore bears a special responsibility

As business consultants, we believe that problem-solving requires clear analysis and pertinent concepts. As with our restructuring projects, we do not use ready-made solutions, but take the individuality of each project seriously. Our broad network of experts from Austria and Germany (but also the rest of Europe and North America) helps us to think outside the box and to find tailor-made solutions for our clients.

We work exclusively as independent consultants and experts.