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paul and collegen is a network of interim managers and business consultants. Within the field of film and media industries, we have been advising and providing expert opinions in Austria and Germany for more than 18 years.


7 Aug 2019

Michael Paul gives an interview about screen tourism in Austria

paul und collegen has been commissioned by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO, Federal Trade Associations for the Tourism and Leisure Industry) to carry out the first study of screen tourism in Austria. The results show how manifold and comprehensive film-induced effects are in Austria and how they can be measured. Michael Paul talks about how the Tourism and Film Industries can benefit from each other in the magazine for the Austrian entertainment and media industries (“Film, Sound & Media – Das Magazin für die österreichische Entertainment & Medienbranche“.

Website: Film, Sound & Media

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Interview Michael Paul

4 Apr 2019

Study on Film Tourism

Presentation of our study ‘Between Bond and Bollywood – How the Tourism and Film Industries can benefit from each other’

The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO, Federal Trade Associations for the Tourism and Leisure Industry) commissioned paul und collegen to carry out the first study on the effects of film-induced tourism in Austria. The results were presented at the annual tourism conference of the WKO in St. Johann im Pongau.

The most important findings of the study are: Film-induced tourism in Austria not only has a great number of success stories, it also shows great potential. Film and television productions, together with music video clips shot in Austria, have an advertising value that exceeds €200m every year.

Press Coverage

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15 May 2018

Evaluation of the Film Funding Program ‘FISA - Film Location Austria’

After the first evaluation of the film funding program film industry support austria (FISA – Filmstandort Austria) in 2012 by paul und collegen, we were again commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) in February 2017 to evaluate FISA in accordance with § 16 of the film funding guidelines. Our evaluation shows that FISA is an important element of the Austrian film industry and has increased the visibility of Austria as a film production location.

The most important results at a glance:

  • FISA has achieved all the statutory goals and has become an integral part of Austria’s film funding landscape.
  • Since the entry info force of the Film Location Act on 13th June 2014, FISA has a fixed budget of € 7.5m per year. This has sustainably improved the reliability of the funding measure.
  • The economic effects of FISA have increased even further compared to the last evaluation period. Each euro subsidy by FISA creates € 5.65 in additional revenue (compared to € 4.93 for the evaluation period until 2012).
  • The higher annual funding budget of FISA has increased the number of Austrian film productions, the number of international co-productions and managed to attract more international film productions to Austria (“Woman in Gold”, “James Bond – Spectre”, “Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation).
  • International service productions sponsored by FISA have greatly increased the visibility of the production locations of Austria internationally. Each euro subsidy for international service productions by FISA creates € 8.35 in additional expenditure in Austria.
  • In total, FISA has a stabilizing effect on the Austrian film industry.

Recommendations of the evaluation

High-end TV productions have the highest growth rates in film production worldwide. The FISA support for service productions should therefore be extended to the field of TV and OTT ("over-the-top content", i.e. video content transmitted via the Internet).

18 Jul 2018

EU-funded project on film education for children

paul und collegen accompanies and evaluates the EU-funded film education project "CINEMINI Europe: Cinema for the little ones!"

The EU program MEDIA Creative Europe supports the project CINEMINI Europe (2018-2020), which aims to test concepts of aesthetic film education on 3 to 6 year-olds.

Children of this age are often already in daily contact with moving pictures, so early film education is quite appropriate. With CINEMINI children can playfully discover the diversity of European films. The aim of CINEMINI is to spark the children's enthusiasm for film early on, both in terms of looking at it and doing it yourself. At the same time, the eye for the cultural diversity of Europe is opened up early on. At the invitation of one of the project partners, the Austrian Film Museum, paul und collegen will accompany CINEMINI Europe and will present an evaluation report on the project's progress and the achieved project goals once CINEMINI is accomplished. Under the leadership of EYE Film Institute (Netherlands), CINEMINI is a collaboration with the Deutsche Filminstitut, the children’s film festival Tartrovers (Netherlands), Kinodvor (Slovenia) and the Austrian Film Museum.

29 Mar 2018

Publication by paul und collegen on film festival funding

paul und collegen has published an article on the topic of film festival funding: “Evidencing the Economics of Film Festival Funding: Do Government Subsidies Help?” (In: P.C. Murschetz (ed): Handbook of State Aid for Film. Springer 2018, p.481-505). This article is based on our study of Austrian film festivals (“Filmfestivalreport 2016”), putting the focus on the importance of public funding for film festivals.